Internet Design Work
Having 6 years experience working both as a freelance 2D designer and for various graphic design firms I have developed a portfolio of internet design work.

When working for the web I focus on creating W3C standards compliant sites which increase accessibility across different platforms and browsers.

Some samples of my internet work can be seen in the gallery box.

NUI Galway - Concept pitched for the redesign of the universitys website. 1/8 - Design and implementation of the first online kiteshop in Ireland. 2/8 - Concept for the redesign of the shop. 3/8

Reality Design - Redesign for the Galway based design agency. 4/8

EastClareYoga - Design & implementation for Clare based yoga centre. 5/8

Roundstone Summerfest - Design & implementation for fundraising festival. 6/8

Bene - Design for new lobby group. 7/8

Great Western Hotel - Design for Parklands hotel in the West of Ireland. 8/8