Miele Cultivation System
The Miele Cultivate System was designed in response to a brief from the German kitchen manufacturer to design products for "Kitchens of the Future". It was designed with teammate Eoin McNally.

The inspiration for this product came from sustainability issues, food miles and the need for us to become more self sufficient moving forward. As a team we did not see high technology being the answer for Kitchens of the Future. Instead we were interested in looking at ideas past for inspiration.

The Cultivation system uses hydroponics to cultivate substantial amounts of fruit and vegetables in the kitchen. Recycled greywater is enriched with nutrients and passed into each grow module via an aluminium wall bracket. Within each module are 3 recyclable corn plastic grow pods. A seedling is cultivated into a plant suitable for consumption simply by plugging a grow pod into the system.

Miele Miele Kitchens of the Future 2006
We were awarded runners up prize from Miele Ireland for this project.

Miele Cultivation System - The system on exhibit. 1/10

Conceptualisation - Different possibilities for cultivation in the kitchen were investigated. 2/10

Conceptualisation - It was important to affect the interior aesthetic of the kitchen. 3/10

Conceptualisation - Both appliance based and scalable systems were conceptualised. 4/10

The System - A scalable system of growing modules based on hydroponics was developed. 5/10

The Module - The system is based on individual modules which contain 3 grow pods each 6/10

An aluminium wall bracket provides the system with recycled greywater, nutrients and power 7/10

A slowly pulsing LED on the front of each module indicates it is correctly attached. 8/10

Light - A flexible light containing Grow LEDs provides light in dim areas. 9/10

Light -This provides the correct wavelength of light for efficient growth. 10/0