Pre School Panel System
The impetus for this work was to research & design for 2 to 4 yr old children in a playschool environment. In response to this a customiseable folding panel system was designed. The system provides a large amount of extra wall space for children to work/play on and can fold away entirely when not in use.

Each panel of the system has a seperate function or texture i.e. velcro, mirror, magnetic, blackboard. The panel functions are easily changed via sliding inserts and the layout of the system can also be changed via a pin hinge system. Panels could be bought individually and arranged to suit any particular environment.

Pre School Panels - In Use. 1/4

Configuration - Setting up and configuring the panels. 2/4

Development - Investigation of assembly and hinging mechanisms. 3/4

Features - Finished mechanisms and product features. 4/4