wxframe eyewear
The wxframe glasses was an exercise in designing “small products”. In the initial stage of this project a magazine was selected. Everyday eyeglasses would then be designed for the target reader of this magazine.

I selected a snowboarding lifestyle magazine. For the glasses I drew influence from snowboarding goggles and eye protection. It was important that the end product did not appear like an activity item this did would not suit the target user for everyday use.

This project was completed during the second month of my exchange studies at the Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Finland in 2006.

wxframe eyewear - The glasses and packaging. 1/7

Conceptualisation - Early sketches 2/7

Development - Various iterations of the form investigated. 3/7

Final Drawings - Detailing the item before model making. 4/7

Model - The finished item 5/7

Nose Bridge - The influence of snowboarding goggle design 6/7

Model - The finished item 7/7